ZICO is an integrated network of professional service firms focused on the ASEAN region, providing advisory and transactional services, management and support services and licensing services. Through our multidisciplinary services, regional capabilities and local insights, we enable individuals and organisations to capitalise on opportunities across Southeast Asia.

The Group’s clients include governments and government-linked companies, law firms, private and public listed companies, multinational corporations and high net worth individuals.

ZICO has business operations in Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand. The Group augments its existing regional presence with that of the ZICO Law network to extend its reach across all ten countries in Southeast Asia. These ten
countries include those where ZICO has business operations in as well as Brunei, Cambodia, and Vietnam where ZICO does not presently have business operations.

It is also backed by a regional management team consisting of its Executive Directors who have, in aggregate, more than 70 years of experience in the professional services industry.

The Group currently operates in three key business segments:

  • Advisory and transactional services;
  • Management and support services; and
  • Licensing services.

1 Members of the ZICOlaw Network are legally separate from the Group (save for members in Myanmar and Lao PDR)