We provide legal, insource, BPO, asset management, capital market, investor services, Shariah advisory, trust advisory, corporate finance, corporate services, consulting and online services. Through offering different services under our Advisory and Transactional Services Segment, we are able to cross-sell our integrated solutions to a wider pool of clients.

Legal Services

We provide legal services only to the extent permitted in the relevant jurisdictions. In other jurisdictions, we cooperate with and support independent and autonomous law firms who are members of the ZICO Law Network, in compliance with local professional regulations.

Presently, we offer legal services in Myanmar and Lao PDR through our subsidiary law firms, ZICOlaw Myanmar Ltd. and ZICOlaw (Laos) Sole Co., Ltd. respectively. Our practices are led by experienced local lawyers.

As full commercial service law firms, our subsidiary law firms, ZICOlaw Myanmar Ltd. and ZICOlaw (Laos) Sole Co., Ltd. operate principally in the practice groups of banking and finance, capital markets, compliance and governance, corporate commercial, employment, projects, law reform, intellectual property, real estate, litigation and dispute resolution. ZICOlaw Myanmar Ltd. provides all legal services except litigation. ZICOlaw (Laos) Sole Co., Ltd. and ZICOlaw (Thailand) Limited are full service law firms including litigation. Some of their notable projects include the following:

  • Concession for the Yangon International Airport development project.
  • Construction of telecommunication towers in Myanmar.
  • Investment by a Malaysian public listed plantation company in Myanmar.
  • Disposal of the consumer, market and media insights research business of the first research agency in Myanmar.
  • Concession agreements and other related documents, including project development agreements and land lease agreements for hydropower projects.
  • Advisory work on laws of Lao PDR relating to the licensing process in the hydropower sector, environmental and social compliance, foreign exchange restrictions, perfections of security agreements (movable and immovable), labour and corporate governance.
  • Establishment of a joint venture (“JV”) company for hydropower projects, which involves reviewing JV agreements, drafting and submitting all applications with the relevant authorities.
  • Representation of a major multinational company on a dispute resolution matter in the hydropower industry.

Our subsidiary law firms, ZICOlaw Myanmar Ltd., ZICOlaw (Laos) Sole Co., Ltd. and ZICOlaw (Thailand) Limited also work closely with other members of the ZICO Law Network to provide clients with comprehensive legal and commercial solutions in  ASEAN. To find out more about the ZICO Law network and the services it provides, please click on the link,*

For further enquiries, please contact Hanim Hamzah, Regional Managing Partner of ZICO Law Network at

*The ZICO Law Network is legally separate from our Group. Our Group provides legal services only to the extent permitted in the relevant jurisdictions. In other jurisdictions, we cooperate with and support independent and autonomous law firms who are members of the ZICO Law Network, in compliance with local professional regulations.

Corporate Finance & Capital Market Services

ZICO Capital is a specialised independent provider of corporate finance and capital markets advisory for private and public-listed companies in Singapore, Malaysia and across ASEAN.

Managed by a team of highly experienced professionals, we offer a wide range of financial advisory and management services, including managing equity fund-raising activities, such as initial public offerings and secondary fund raisings, as well as advising on mergers and acquisitions, general takeovers, reverse takeovers, privatisations, delisting,  other corporate exercises and project advisory services. In Singapore, we also offer continuing sponsorship services to companies listed on the Catalist – SGX, through the provision of supervision and guidance in their continuing listing obligations.

ZICO Capital Singapore was granted a Capital Markets Services licence (“CMS licence”) by the Monetary Authority of Singapore in July 2016. It was approved as an Accredited Issue Manager and a Full Sponsor by the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”) in August 2016.

ZICO Capital Malaysia was granted a Capital Markets Services licence (“CMS Licence”) by the Securities Commission of Malaysia (“SC”) on 9 November 2017 to conduct the regulated activity of advising on corporate finance.

For further enquiries, please contact Alex Tan, Chief Executive Officer of ZICO Capital Singapore or Saifuddin Abu Bakar, Chief Executive Officer of ZICO Capital Malaysia at

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Asset Management Services

ZICO Asset Management is registered with Monetary Authority of Singapore to assist our clients in inter-generational wealth transfers, wealth planning, asset protection, and portfolio optimisation. We have insightful solutions that ensures our clients receive the best outcome possible for their personal and family wealth in today’s fast changing economic world.

Our services include:

  • Management of portfolios and investments
  • Including active curation of boutique investments
  • Special purpose funds
  • Capital markets solutions
  • Inter-generational wealth transfers
  • Asset preservation & protection
  • Trusts
  • Foundations and private funds
  • Non-market correlated investments

For further enquiries, please contact Simon Lim, Managing Director of ZICO Asset Management at

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Insource Services

ZICO Insource brings external expertise in-house by providing our team of professionals to help meet temporary surges in work levels, staff demands or any gaps in competency. We assist corporations which may require extra resources in areas such as advising on commercial transactions, human resource or communication by supplying experts with relevant industry experience for new transactions and day-to-day work.

Our services can be provided either on site at client’s office or remotely. We also assist in transfer of daily in-house functions which will would liberate in-house team with much needed capacity to focus on core specialized areas. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Contract Review Services

  • Reviewing or drafting commercial documents, or reviewing documents for due diligence exercises
  • Assisting in drafting correspondences or attending to queries from support functions in operational matters
  • Attending to queries from support functions to in-house team
  • Secondment to meet resourcing demands, to lead and manage complex transactions or which require certain specialist expertise
  • Advising on setting up of systems for management of  departments

Human Capital

  • Reviewing of human resource policies and manuals
  • Advising on HR strategies and transformation
  • Providing training for upgrading of competencies
  • Reviewing and advising on HR issues that may arise in mergers or acquisitions and advising on necessary changes
  • Talent retention

Corporate Communication

  • Branding and development strategy
  • Communication and media strategy
  • Investor relations
  • Handling media and analysts
  • Crisis communication
  • Sustainability framework and reports
  • Drafting governance documents – code of conduct, code of business ethics, conflict of interest policies

For further enquiries, please contact Chan May May, Chief Executive Officer of ZICO Insource at

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Shariah Advisory Services

ZICO Shariah is a leading Shariah advisory service provider that offers a full suite of services ranging from Islamic finance to family matters.

We provide Shariah advice that is enhanced by our extensive experience and legal insights in local and cross-border Islamic finance transactions. Our team members possess Shariah, finance, business and legal qualifications over a decade of experience in structuring, drafting, advisory and consultation work in relation to Islamic finance.

We are a Shariah advisory and auditor licensed by the Securities Commission of Malaysia and approved by the Central Bank of Malaysia. Our clients are regulatory authorities, financial institutions, corporations and individuals.

Our key services include:

  • Advisory on Shariah compliance;
  • Regulatory compliance including audit, review, research and risk management;
  • Shariah advisory committee for corporations;
  • Shariah governance structure;
  • Structuring of Islamic instruments and drafting of legal documentation;
  • Drafting of policies, manuals and procedures;
  • Law reform to facilitate Islamic finance;
  • Establishment of or conversion into Islamic operations;
  • Monitoring of Shariah compliant funds;
  • Islamic wealth management including wills, gifts, trusts and foundations;
  • Islamic family matters including matrimonial, custody and jointly acquired property;
  • Advisory on halal certification matters.

For further enquiries, please contact Dr Aida Othman, Director of ZICO Shariah at

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Trust Services

ZICO Trust Services are provided by our subsidiaries, ZICO Trust Ltd., in Labuan International Banking and Financial Centre and ZICO Trust (S) Ltd. in Singapore.


ZICO Trust Limited is licensed since 1996 by the Labuan Financial Services Authority under the Labuan Trust Companies Act 1990 and its successor Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010 to carry out trust company business in Labuan International Banking and Financial Centre.

We provide a full range of international financial services including the incorporation, registration and maintenance of Labuan entities, provision of resident secretary, nominee directors and nominee shareholder services, advising on the establishment of Labuan trusts and foundations, Labuan private funds and funds administration for wealth management, Labuan Islamic trust and foundation, licence applications and the registration of ships on the Malaysia International Shipping Registry.

In addition, we also provide trust solutions and trustee services for a range of capital markets, corporate finance, asset financing and other financial transactions. For further enquiries, please contact Chua Wei Min, Director or Lina Chong, Chief Operating Officer of ZICO Trust at


ZICO Trust (S) Ltd. is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore under the Trust Companies Act (Cap 336). As a licensed Singapore trust company, we are licensed to carry out the business of providing trust services in Singapore. Currently, a significant portion of our clients are from Southeast Asia.

We offer a diverse range of personal and corporate trust services to both onshore and offshore clients. The main trust services provided by ZICO Trust (S) Ltd. are:

  • Trust advisory services: We advise on the use of trusts for group restructuring, efficient tax planning purposes, financing and asset protection. In addition, we help to set up various types of trusts including insurance trust, share distribution trust, standard personal trust and private unit trust.
  • Trustee services: We act as a trustee in asset securitisation transactions. Our primary duty as a trustee is to administer the trust assets, hold and protect them for the interests of the investors who purchase the securities issued pursuant to the securitisation.
  • Trust/family office administration services: We provide incorporation and company administration services and act as nominee shareholders or directors. We also act as an independent escrow agent for the receipt and disbursement of money and/or documents between 2 or more transacting parties, with the timing of such disbursement being dependent on the performance by the parties on the contractual provisions that have been agreed.
  • Fund services: We provide fund administration services for offshore mutual funds and local unit trusts (collective investment schemes). Such services include fund accounting and valuation, record keeping, paying of bills and banking transactions. We also provide investor services by acting as a transfer agent. In particular, we deal, monitor and maintain records of the details of fund subscriptions, transfers, redemptions, exchanges as well as conduct anti-money laundering checks.

For further enquiries, please contact Jamil Mohamed, Managing Director of ZICO Trust at

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Corporate Services

ZICO Corporate Services operates from Singapore, Malaysia (including Labuan) and the Philippines. We offer a full range of corporate secretarial services in Malaysia and Singapore through our subsidiaries –  ZICO Corporate Services Sdn. Bhd., ZICO Secretarial Services Sdn. Bhd., ZICO Secretarial Limited, ZICO Trust Limited and Finova Singapore Pte. Ltd. Our team in the Philippines provide immigration services via ZICO Corporate Services Inc.  Some of the key corporate services we offer include the formation of offshore companies, legal entities, corporate secretarial services, and application for immigration permits, work permits, business licenses and registrations.  We serve multinational and local corporations in Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and through Labuan in respect of their Labuan domiciled companies.

For further enquiries, please contact Fiza Alwi, Director of ZICO Corporate Services Singapore, Pauline Ng, Director of ZICO Corporate Services Malaysia, Tan Hsiao Yuen, Director of ZICO Corporate Services Malaysia, Lina Chong, Chief Operating Officer ZICO Trust or Miko Alzona, Operations Manager of ZICO Corporate Services Philippines at

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Consulting Services

We offer strategic advice on business and governmental issues in ASEAN countries. Our consultancy services are provided by our subsidiary, ASEAN Advisory Pte. Ltd. Our key management has experience in advising multinational corporations, local businesses, governments and public sector institutions in ASEAN.

Leveraging on the close working relationship with various government ministries and bodies which our key management and advisors have built over the years, we are able to advise and represent our clients on a wide range of areas, which include public-private partnerships, privatisation, utilities, financial services, public transport, shipping, electronic commerce and electronic government.

Our services can be categorised into business advisory and government advisory services.

Business Advisory

We advise on public policy, business, regulatory and cultural factors that may potentially affect our clients’ ability to conduct and expand their businesses in ASEAN. In particular, we advise on how to work with various governments and how to engage constructively with the relevant regulatory authorities to safeguard and advance our clients’ business interests. We also provide our clients with updates on policy, legal and regulatory developments in the ASEAN that may potentially affect their businesses.

Government Advisory

We work closely with public sector bodies and multilateral agencies in Southeast Asia on policy and law reform work. We also assist governments and public sector officials to develop strategies for law reform and policy development, including identifying areas of challenge which require reform, engaging with stakeholders in the private sector, conducting and responding to public consultations and drafting and amending bills.

Our key management are experienced in drafting and reviewing various legislation, which include the Pengurusan Danaharta Nasional Bhd Act, Iskandar Regional Development Authority Act 2007, Northern Corridor Implementation Authority Act 2008, Sewage Services 1994, Perumahan Rakyat 1Malaysia Act 2012, Renewable Energy Act 2011, the Land Public Transport Commission Act 2010, the Land Public Transport Act 2010, and the Competition Act 2010.

Some of the notable projects handled by our key management include the following:

  • Advised on strategies and initiatives required to develop the Iskandar Region, Johor, into a strong and sustainable metropolis of international standing and drafting of the Iskandar Regional Development Authority Act 2007.
  • Advised on the structure and legal framework for a national asset management company to deal with the problems of non-performing loans in the financial sector, including special laws to facilitate the removal of impaired assets from financial institutions, assisting financially distressed enterprises and to promote the revitalisation of the Malaysian economy.
  • Advised Asian Development Bank on the regulation of water, energy and utility services.
  • Advised the Government of Indonesia on the provision of technical assistance in infrastructure by the private sector, a project funded by the World Bank.
  • Advised on and reviewed the regulatory framework for selected industries in each of the ASEAN countries on behalf of a national industrial development authority to assess the impact of the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) and the ASEAN Investment Area (AIA) on those industries.
  • Advised and conducted a feasibility study on infrastructure development and financing for the transport sector for a national investment corporation in Vietnam.
  • Commissioned by the World Bank to advise a major bank in China on the legal and regulatory framework for asset management companies.
  • Advised and revamped the laws of the Federal Territory of Labuan relating to the Labuan International Banking and Financial Centre.

For further enquiries, please contact Wong Ai Kim, Director of ASEAN Advisory at

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Investor Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of investor services for both private and public listed companies across a wide spectrum of industries. Our investor services are provided by B.A.C.S. Private Limited (“B.A.C.S.”), one of the most established share registrar businesses in Singapore. B.A.C.S. was established in 1969 and has been delivering reliable services in the rapidly evolving financial market. Our dedicated team of professional staff is equipped with years of relevant experience, facilitating the operations of core businesses through the efficient management of our customers’ public and private shareholder obligations. We have a wide customer base of more than 100 listed companies on the Singapore Exchange.
The services we provided include:

  • Maintaining registers of members and warrant holders;
  • Processing share transfers and exercise of warrants, share options and performance shares;
  • Allotting shares and processing bonus and rights issues;
  • Preparing share and warrant certificates and dividend warrants;
  • Distributing annual reports, circulars and other ad-hoc documents to shareholders;
  • Shareholder and proxy registration, poll voting and scrutineer services for company meetings; and
  • Managing all correspondence with shareholders, Singapore Exchange and The Central Depository.

For further enquiries, please contact Helen Tan, Director at

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