We provide regional management services and business support services to members of the ZICO Law Network and to certain entities within our Group. By outsourcing these functions, members of the ZICO Law Network can focus their resources on their core competencies and revenue generating activities in providing legal services, while enjoying cost efficiencies generated from economies of scale and scope. Our clients will also benefit from having access to collective strategic insights and comprehensive support infrastructure.

Regional Management Services

ZICO RMC Pte. Ltd. provides a centralised platform for the ZICO Law Network to leverage on the collective expertise, experience and contacts of the prominent advisors of our Group.

Our key services are as follows:

  • Strategic advisory: Conduct research on industry trends and developments, formulate corporate and business strategies and identify opportunities for expansion.
  • Market intelligence: Identify and structure mandates for the ZICO Law Network.
  • Business relations: Build and enhance client relationships for the ZICO Law Network through external events and personal networking.
  • Public sector relations: Build and enhance professional relationships for the ZICO Law Network and public sector institutions.
  • Risk management: Identify and conduct risk assessments, formulating mitigation plans, succession planning and provide leadership in crisis management.

Business Support Services

ZICO Knowledge Services Sdn. Bhd. provides a centralised platform for the provision of support services to the ZICO Law Network and our Group. This allows our clients to benefit from operational and costs efficiencies generated from economies of scale, thereby allowing them to focus on revenue generating activities. As and when the opportunities arise, we may provide business support services to parties outside the ZICO Law Network.

Our key business support services are as follows:

  • Accounting, finance and budgeting: Financial accounting and reporting, tax and treasury management.
  • Information technology: Procure, install and maintain the information technology infrastructure, and deal with all information technology related matters.
  • Human resource: Talent attraction and retention, maintain and improve staff welfare, and handle all employment related administrative matters.
  • Business development and corporate communication: Business development, branding, marketing, public relations and event management.
  • Knowledge management and training: Conduct research, develop and disseminate knowledge materials, as well as conducting training sessions.