ZICO Shariah is a leading Shariah advisory service provider that offers a full suite of services ranging from Islamic finance to Shariah family matters. We provide Shariah advice that is enhanced by our extensive experience and legal insights in local and cross-border Islamic finance transactions.

Our team members possess Shariah, finance, business and legal qualifications and over a decade of experience in structuring, drafting, advisory, and consultation work in relation to Islamic finance. We commercially and tactically deploy our expertise for our clients, which include regulatory authorities, financial institutions, corporations, and individuals.

Our Services in Malaysia

Why us?

  • ASEAN focus with presence in 18 cities in all ASEAN member countries
  • Extensive experience in a variety of Shariah consultancy, training, capacity building and engagement work
  • Specialist in Shariah audit and review, Shariah legal documentation, publications, communication and human resource work across ASEAN member countries
  • One stop centre with a range of Shariah related services to cater to client’s specific needs

Key Contacts

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