Singapore was the first pathway into ZICO’s ASEAN journey, which began in 2003, before expansion into other countries in the region culminated in the formation of the ZICO Law Network in 2011.

In November 2014, ZICO strengthened its presence in Singapore with the initial public offerings (IPO) of ZICO Holdings Inc. on Catalist of Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) as an integrated network providing multidisciplinary services focused on ASEAN member countries.

The combination of ZICO Law Network and ZICO Holdings Inc. has had the effect of creating a unique umbrella platform which houses a dynamic range of services under a multidisciplinary (MDP) organisation.

Headquartered in Singapore, we are ideally positioned to address all your needs on the ground and act as a gateway into ASEAN through our regional presence.

ZICO Law Singapore is represented by Icon Law and is supported by a team of qualified lawyers.

Complementing Icon Law is ZICO’s integrated network of multidisciplinary services:

  • ASEAN Advisory, the consulting arm of the ZICO group;
  • ZICO Asset Management, private wealth services;
  • ZICO BPO, full BPO administration support solutions;
  • ZICO Capital, specialized and independent provider of corporate finance and capital markets advisory;
  • ZICO Corporate Services, dedicated one-stop corporate services;
  • ZICO B.A.C.S., investor services; and
  • ZICO Trust, trust expertise.


ZICO Asset Management Pte. Ltd.

ASEAN Advisory Pte. Ltd. ZICO BPO Pte. Ltd.

ZICO Capital Pte. Ltd.

ZICO Corporate Services Pte. Ltd.

B.A.C.S. Private Limited

ZICO Trust (S) Ltd.